Nucleic acid protein detector JP-3001

1. Product introduction
Fraction Collector JP-Blupad FC is one of the basic equipment for biochemistry experiments and biological drug production. It is used to automatically and quantitatively collect the liquid droplets from the chromatography column to achieve the purpose of packing different active groups into different tubes.

2.Fraction Collector Model JP-BLUPAD FC Product Features:
Parameters can be arbitrarily set, set the first pipe, the end pipe;
7 "capacitive liquid crystal touch screen display and control;
It can be collected according to time, drops, peak value and program control (independent use). 
Collect by volume and threshold by running Blupad 1.0 control software online. (Online)
Corrosion resistance design: suitable for separation of water-soluble solvents and organic solvents by column chromatography.
65° bevel control panel design, ergonomic, can be easily controlled without bending over.
Adopt square design and suspension type X-Y movement mode, accurate positioning of pipe change;

3. Technical parameters of Fraction Collector:
Display mode: LCD Chinese blue screen display
Collection tube: 100 tubes, each with a capacity of 12ml (standard), 16 tubes, each with a capacity of 100ml (optional), 36 tubes, each with a capacity of 50ml (optional), 169 tubes, each with a capacity of 5ml(optional)
Timing range: 1 second - 999 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds optional
Fixed drop range: 1 drop - 9999 drop optional
Fixed peak range 1-200mV optional
Program control range 1-10 sections optional
Movement mode: suspension X - Y movement
Pipe change control: 12V DC solenoid valve
Operation mode: Chinese menu type
Number of programs: 1-10 / mode
Display mode: Chinese LCD large blue film LCD display
Test-tube tray holder: square design with waste liquid tank, free combination, optional
Power outage data storage: 10 years
Continuous working time: more than 200 hours

Fraction collector fc