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Shanghai JP Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd., established in June 2007, is a manufacturing factory focusing on life science. With strong technology and R&D strength, the company has more than 20 national resources and copyrights, and its products have passed the EU CE certification and ISO9001:2008 quality system certification. At present, the company has formed Chemiluminescent imaging system、Gel Imaging Analysis Systems、Ultraviolet analyzer、UV analyzer、UV Transilluminator、Blue Light Transilluminator、vortex mixer、Electrophoresis Power Supply、Horizontal electrophoresis tank、Vertical series of electrophoresis tank 、Trans-blot transfer、pump、Fraction collector、Nucleic Acid Extraction System、Micro Spectrophotometer、Ultraviolet Detector. We have agents in China and sell to more than 100 countries and regions around the world to build an international forward-looking JP brand. Facing the future, we has always adhered to the concept of "Help scientific research and manufacture domestic high-quality instruments", constantly surpassing, and unswervingly working hard to enhance customer value and dedicated to the greater development of domestically-made instruments.


Constant current pump in the application of ink printing machine

Can accurate delivery of viscous ink, its suction and hm can be more than 5 meters, ...more

Micro Spectrophotometer experiment guidance

1.Connect the adapter to the instrument and turn on the instrument. 2. Touch the nucleic acid mode button... more

Micro Spectrophotometer instrument application range

The concentration and purity of a nucleic acid sample, including double stranded DNA, single stranded DNA, and RNA... more

General procedures for gel imaging

1. turn on the gel imaging system switch.2. Turn on the computer and the system will automatically turn on and....more

Notes on gel recovery and gel imaging system during electrophoresis

Precautions for gel recovery and cutting during electrophoresis:1. The buffer and gel of electrophoresis are new. more

UV analyzer

Different wavelengths of ultraviolet light were used to observe and take photos of DNA and RNA electrophoresis gel ... more



Gel imaging analysis system

Gel imaging analysis system makes researchers no longer so hard

In the past many years, researchers have to keep gel through repeated work to record the result of hard gel, which wastes a lot of time and energy. Since the birth of gel imagers, researchers no longer need such hard work.