Ultraviolet Detector JP-3000

I. Product introduction
Ultraviolet Detector JP-3000 is primarily used in molecular biology and is capable of performing a variety of commonly used purification techniques such as affinity chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, desalination and buffer exchange, and gel filtration. As a result, the system supports the purification of a variety of proteins, including labelled proteins, antibodies, unlabelled or natural proteins, and sample purification.

2.Ultraviolet Detector Product features
Dual beam splitting system design, one beam of light through the reference system, the other beam through the sample system.
There is no need for preheating, and the boot base line can be balanced.
Built-in JP-Blupad tomography workstation, automatic mapping tomography. JPG map can be saved with one key to facilitate the saving and printing of the map.
Compatible with GE chromatography column interface for pre-separation in Akta and other equipment systems.

3.Ultraviolet Detector JP-3000 Technical parameters:
Detection wavelength: 260nm, 280nm(standard) optional: 405nm, 310nm
Wavelength selection: step-motor programmed control.
Light source: LED cold light source, life >; 50000 hours.
Zero: double beam one key zero.
Sensitivity: 2, 1, 0.5, 0.2, 0.1, 0.05 ABS
Noise: & lt; 0.0001 A
Drift: 0.002 A/S or less
Optical path: 2 mm
Sample pool volume :10ul
Absorbance display: 122*44 blue film HD LCD display
Power consumption: ≤25W

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