Constant current pump in the application of ink printing machine

Can accurate delivery of viscous ink, its suction and hm can be more than 5 meters, and the constant flow pump can transform transport direction but also has the function of the cut-off valve, can cancel the check valve in the pipeline configuration, delivery accuracy can reach 1%, speed very convenient, so as the ink pump use, constant flow pump is the ideal choice.
In the process of high-speed inkjet printing, the ink needs to be continuously transported to the nozzle, and the ink in the cartridge will continue to reduce. In order to ensure the continuous supply of ink, the ink tube is usually inserted into the external ink barrel with a pump to transport the ink to the secondary ink cartridge. Inkjet machine more often use diaphragm pump as ink delivery pump, or use diaphragm pump to collect and discharge waste ink. Although this pump is cheap, but for some solvent based ink or high viscosity ink, in the process of transportation will cause damage to the pump or unstable flow, but also bring problems such as residual ink in the pump.
104K/ZL is a constant speed miniature constant current pump, driven by 12V or 24V DC power supply, flow size can be selected (choose different speed motor). 104K/ZL constant current pump is equipped with dc reduction gear motor, thus ensuring that the 104K/ZL constant current pump in the process of conveying ink always maintain ultra-high reliability and stability, not because of the wear of the pump tube caused by the pump can not pump out of liquid or ink phenomenon.
There are some constant flow pumps with no reduction box surrounded by three wheels on the motor shaft, the shaft is small, the wheel is large, the shaft rotates at high speed, driving three wheels to do planetary operation, all by the friction between the shaft and the wheel to achieve transmission. If the pump line is worn and the wheels are worn, the pump will stop pumping, even when the outlet resistance increases.

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