Constant current pump four elements of purchase

1. When selecting a hose, you should consider "flow rate - see" the reference flow curve of the hose chemical resistance - Choose the material of the hose fluid temperature - different materials have different temperature performance. For suction range requirements - choose high performance hose. Hose life - Hose life varies according to different service conditions.
2. In the selection of pump heads, you need to consider "flow rate - select the appropriate pump head hose replacement frequency according to the reference flow rate - in addition to B the number of suitable channels - multiple channel pump heads can be selected when there is a need for multiple channels or the pump heads are connected to chemical resistance - consider the effect of fluid overflow on the pump head material"
3. When selecting a drive, you need to consider the flow rate - the higher the speed of the drive, the greater the flow rate
Control form - fixed or adjustable speed, flow correction (to achieve accurate control of flow), flow distribution (quantitative distribution), external control and other forms available for protection - according to the use of the environment.
The requirements for sealing, dustproof and waterproofing of the driver shall be considered".

Peristaltic pump