Peristaltic pump as a constant current pump has the following advantages

1, clean and pollution-free: fluid only through and contact with the peristaltic pump hose.
2, high precision: constant current, reproducible accuracy up to 0.5%, flow can be accurately adjusted.
3, low shear force: it is an ideal tool for conveying shear sensitive and erosive fluids.
4, corrosion resistance: can transport all kinds of fluids, such as organic solution, corrosive liquid.
5, can be idling, dry operation: can also transport air or gas-liquid-solid three-phase mixed transmission.
6, with self-priming ability: can self-priming, no irrigation pump, no emptying.
7, with service stop valve function, no siphon, no seals, stop valve and check valve function.
8, two-way transmission function: change the direction of the pump runner can achieve reverse pumping and suction function.
9, simple maintenance: only need to replace the peristaltic pump hose, no valve and seal replacement.
10, can tolerate higher temperature: peristaltic pump can continuously transport 80 degrees Celsius liquid.
In the choice of constant current pump according to the delivery needs of the user, if only need constant current pump stable transport function, there are many kinds of pumps to choose, choose a suitable for their own process and the most economic products is suitable for their needs of the product.

Peristaltic pump