Constant current pump FAQ introduction

1. What is a constant current pump
Constant current pump is also known as multi-functional multi-channel electronic peristaltic pump. Suitable for automatic continuous and precise conveying of various liquids. It is an ideal instrument for precise sampling, quantitative analysis and liquid extraction.
2. What's the difference between constant flow pump and peristaltic pump? Is it a different name for something?
Constant current pump is named after the function, that is, to specific flow; Peristaltic pump is named after the working principle, through the roller extrusion hose to drive water in the tube; Peristaltic pump can be constant flow, constant flow pump may be peristaltic pump.
3. How to correct the flow rate of constant flow pump?
A: Enter the function state of "MENU2 ADVANCED OPERATION", enter the interface of setting correction coefficient such as lower flow rate through up and down move keys, and set and modify the correction coefficient.
4. Constant current pump and peristaltic pump are the same type of pump?
Is a completely different pump, first of all, from the structure is different, secondly, the working principle is not the same, the most important difference is that the peristaltic pump is unable to do constant current function.
5 constant flow pump flow is not accurate, how to adjust
Constant flow pump is generally in the form of positive displacement pump, such as piston pump, piston pump, diaphragm pump, peristaltic pump, the flow is not allowed to be caused by internal leakage or reflux, should check the seals or replace the seals, check parts
6 buy constant current pump should consider what problems, hope to give advice ~
Working pressure: 2, pressure measurement accuracy: 3, specification: φ25×25 ~ 100mm; 4. Test temperature

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