Peristaltic pump constant flow pump in the palm of the existence of problems

There are the following problems:
1, glue contact parts, easy to pollute the machine, not easy to clean.
2, the glue is not uniform, glue quantity is not easy to control.
3, glue coating process is troublesome, debugging is not convenient. Peristaltic pump because only the pump tube is in contact with the glue, it can be continuously and accurately transported to the parts that need to be coated, so it can solve the problems existing in the gluing of the anastomosing machine.
The viscosity of the glue is very high, different from the general water-based fluid, so it can ensure high efficiency and long-term stability of the glue, peristaltic pump constant flow pump used in the palm machine notes:
1, The peristaltic pump hose with slightly thicker wall thickness should be used for very high viscosity liquid.
2, Appropriately use a peristaltic pump hose with a slightly larger inner diameter to further reduce the rotation speed of the peristaltic pump.
3, Reduce the speed of peristaltic pump as much as possible, usually within 50RPM.
4, Check regularly and replace the pump pipe in advance to prevent the pump pipe from breaking.
5, In the selection of peristaltic pump, the pump head of peristaltic pump with good adhesive and corrosion resistance should be selected as far as possible. In the selection of driver, the peristaltic pump with flow display function and correction function is best selected.

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