Notes on gel recovery and gel imaging system during electrophoresis

Precautions for gel recovery and cutting during electrophoresis:
1. The buffer and gel of electrophoresis are new. The table for cutting gel is clean, and the blade is easy to clean. In a word, it is to ensure that the cut band is free of foreign DNA contamination.
2. The purpose of glue cutting is to recycle all the glue at the location of the whole target segment. In order to reduce the volume of glue, you can use relatively thin glue to do, as long as enough sample can also use a thin and wide comb to run glue.
3. As for protection, it's enough after common plexiglass. Wear a protective mask to protect your eyes. If you wear resin glasses, it's OK. If you are very afraid of ultraviolet radiation, or have special requirements for the glue, such as EB free, you can use the point marker and the ruler with scale to take photos together to determine the position of the target strip on the glue and cut the glue.
4. According to the normal procedure, click the marker to run the glue, then cut off the glue with marker, EB dye, and take photos with the ruler with scale under the UV light. Since the relative position between the recycled tape and the marker is known, it is enough to measure the position of the target tape on the unstained glue according to the ruler. If you find it difficult to judge, you can directly point a small number of samples at the edge of the marker, so that the location is easy to determine.

General procedures for gel imaging