Micro Spectrophotometer instrument application range:

Nucleic acid: The concentration and purity of a nucleic acid sample, including double stranded DNA, single stranded DNA, and RNA.
①A280 test protein sample concentration, including 1Abs = 1mg/mL, BSA, IgG, Lysozyme;
② Kit method (Lowry method, BCA method, Bradford method) determination of protein concentration, software automatically draw the standard curve, directly give the concentration value.
Conventional UV/Visible Full Wavelength Scanning: Available for UV/Visible Full Wavelength Scanning (200 ~ 850nm).
Cellular solution: Determination of the density of a cellular solution.
Microarray sample: the concentration of nucleic acid and dye can be detected simultaneously, and the software can give the concentration value directly.
Characteristics of Micro Spectrophotometer

Customer problems Nano600 solutions Benefit of Customers
Precious samples, sample volume will cause waste The minimum loading volume is 0.5ul Save the sample
The stability of the data measurement is not good Integrity, no need to open, guarantee lifetime optical path without correction No mechanical wear, accurate data without floating
A conventional colorimetric dish is sometimes used to measure OD600 for proteins or bacteria Both micro and conventional colorimetric dishes can be used Dual use with one machine, wide concentration range (dsDNA: 2 -- 4500 ng/ul)
The experiment took too long All wavelengths of 200 -- 800 nm can be scanned with 5S Save time, and reduce the error caused by long time
Many of the instruments need to be connected to a computer and take up space Independent operation, no personal computer connection, less than 4.5kg Easy to move, easy to adjust, portable equipment
Trouble in data operation Independent operating system, USB interface can easily output data. The experimental operation is quick and the data output is simple

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