Chemiluminescence Imaging System

1. Product introduction
Chemiluminescent Imaging System JP-K900PLUS is designed for Chemiluminescent imaging with a high-performance, automated and efficient CCD camera. Touch screen interface provides smooth image acquisition experience.
Main application scope:
Nucleic acid detection: a variety of fluorescent dyes, such as Ethidium Bromide, SybrtmGold, SybrtmGreen, SybrtmSafe, GelstartM, Fluorescein, Texas Red labeled DNA/RNA detection.
Protein detection: Coomasi bright blue adhesive, silver dye adhesive, and fluorescent dyes such as Syprotmred, Syprotmorange,Pro-Q Diamond, Deep Purple label adhesive/film/chip, etc.
Molecularly imprinted membrane: Western Lightning, ECL, ECLplus, CDP Star, Supersignal, CSPD, Lumiglo, CY2, CY3, CY5, FITC, ALEXADYS, DYLIGHT, PROQDIAMON, PROQ Emerald 300, ProqEmerald 488, IR Dye 680, etc.
Other applications: various hybrid membrane, protein transfer membrane, petri dish colony count, enzyme plate, TLC plate, etc

2.Chemiluminescent imaging system JP-K900PLUS Chemiluminescent imaging system JP-K900PLUS Automatic multi-functional imaging system integrating gel imaging, chemiluminescence and multicolor fluorescence;
Used for detection and analysis of digital images of protein and DNA samples in gels and membranes;
The detection range includes: chemiluminescence, fluorescence (ultraviolet, red, green, blue) and white light imaging;
Cooled CCD camera, 6.05 megapixels (8.9 megapixels optional);
Equipped with F/0.95 large aperture focusing lens (optional F/0.8 lens) with ultra-high detection sensitivity.
The design of a super - light - closed obscura provides a suitable environment for chemiluminescence and bioluminescence imaging The anti-scattering sample stand minimizes the effect of light scattering The obscura is equipped with a top white light source with a top white light lamp Standard drawer-type dual-position focusing platform, compatible with shooting samples of various thicknesses, automatic focusing lifting platform It can be equipped with computer control automatic positioning sample lifting platform, and stepless positioning control can be carried out by computer Users can automatically set the time to automatically turn off the light source (0-60 minutes) Built-in 12-inch LCD industrial computer.

3.Chemiluminescent imaging system JP-K900PLUS Chemiluminescent imaging system
CCD chip Sony ICX695, 4/3 inch, 2750×2200 (6.05 megapixels)
Dynamic range 4.8oD.16bit gray scale (0-65535)
Image size: 5.4um×5.4um
Pixels merge 1×1, 2× 2,3 ×3,4×4,6×6,8×8
The CCD temperature is -45℃, as opposed to -65℃ in the greenhouse
High QE: >; 75%
Lens F/0.95 prime lens
The extremely high uniformity of an overhead white light source enhances low-brightness images
The lowest sensitivity can detect 0.01 nGeB chromosome DNA
Dark current < 0.0005E -/ PIXELC.
Exciting light source 300nm transmission UV 254nm and 365nm reflection UV (optional)
Ultra-bright ultraviolet transmission platform with an area of 200×250mm
Filter wheel 5 position filter wheel. Automatic control. Standard F590, 535, 605, 699nm interference filter

Trans-blot transfer KEEBIO-VE18