Product introduction:

Keebio-miniES Mini Electrophoresis System is specifically designed for DNA and RNA electrophoresis.. Horizontal electrophoresis is mainly used for the separation and detection of nucleic acids. It is one of the commonly used experimental methods in molecular biology.

Product features

Set the 1min ~ 99min timing function and press the start key to run.

AC100 ~ 240V is designed with wide voltage power supply without external power adapter.

The safety cover operation design is set, and the power is cut off immediately after lifting the cover to protect the operators.

The built-in power supply and tank body are designed in one, which saves space and is convenient to clean the tank body.

It is equipped with 120x60mm and 60X60MM rubber transfer plates as standard, which can be compatible with keebio-he120.

The three output voltages of dc35v, dc50v or dc100v can be switched freely.

Technical parameters

MODEL Keebio-miniES
Input Power AC100~240V,50~60Hz
Output Power DC35V/DC50V/DC100V
Bath Dimensions (WxDxH) 110x121x43mm
Volume of Bath 250ml
Construction of Bath PC+ABS with high temperature resistance
Max.Power 40W
Timer 1~99min
Dimensions(mm) 190x130x60mm
Tooth wide (width x thickness x no.) 3mmx1mmx22/5.6mmx1mmx12
Gel Dimension (WxD) 126x126mm----1pcs
Gel Migration Board (WxD) 120x60mm----2pcs/60x60mm----4pcs