Camera Ultraviolet Analyzer

Application and scope of application
The instrument is a device for providing both white and ultraviolet light exposure. Mainly used for protein electrophoresis observation and photography. With box lighting and camera lifting device.
Structure and characteristics
The Camera Ultraviolet Analyzer (UV Analyzer) comes with a camera obscura that eliminates the need for a dark room and can be used 24/7 in a clear room. The lower part of the instrument for white light transmission light box, white light illumination is large. The upper part of the box is equipped with two wavelengths of UV light source, wavelength of 254nm and 365nm respectively, you can use one of the wavelengths alone or several wavelengths at the same time according to your own needs. This product uses electronic ballast to make the instrument light in weight, the lamp starts up quickly, no stroboscopic. Drawer type visible light box.
1. The effective size of the UV light source irradiation window should not be less than: 190mm×41mm reflection. Effective size of transmission window of white light source: 238mm×198mm;
2. Ultraviolet light source wavelength: reflection: 254nm, 365nm;
3. Power of violet lamp: UV lamp with wavelength of 365nm, power of 28W; UV lamp with wavelength of 254nm and power of 28W;
4. Ultraviolet glass transmittance: for the wavelength of 230nm ~ 400nm ultraviolet light transmittance is not less than 40%;
5. The window irradiance of the ultraviolet light source of each wavelength should not be less than 10μW/cm2;
6. Power supply conditions: Power supply voltage: single-phase sinusoidal AC 220V±22V; Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz;
7. External size (L×W×H) 490×360×430 (mm);

UV analyzer