UVC portable Ultraviolet Analyzer (UV Analyzer) fluorescent analysis principle

Ordinary material molecules in the ground state are irradiated by the excited light (ultraviolet light) and absorb the excited energy, and the material molecules are in the excited state. Excited state molecules part of energy consumption in vibration, thus vibration level, the molecules from the vibration level returned to the ground state excess energy released in other forms is the fluorescence, and different materials to make different wavelengths of fluorescence, people can according to the fluorescence and fluorescence intensity of different light color to determine how many different substances and content. This is called fluorescence analysis. The instrument uses the wavelength of 254nm (short wave) monochrome light source. The use of low pressure mercury lamps has a strong energy emission at wavelength 254nm. UV-penetrating filter is used to filter visible light to obtain high energy UV monochromatic light for fluorescence analysis.

UV analyzer