Dark box ultraviolet analyzer

Application and scope of application
The instrument provides white light and ultraviolet light. It is mainly used for protein electrophoresis observation and photography. With box lighting and camera lifting device.
Structure and characteristics
Dark box UV analyzer with dark box, no dark room, can be used all day in the light room. The lower part of the instrument is a white light transmission light box with large white light illumination. The upper part of the box is equipped with two kinds of UV light sources with wavelengths of 254nm and 365nm respectively. You can use one of the wavelengths alone or several wavelengths at the same time according to your own needs. This product uses electronic ballast, so that the weight of the instrument is light, the lamp starts quickly, no stroboscopic. Drawer type visible light box.
1. The effective size of the irradiation window of the ultraviolet light source shall not be less than 190mm × 41mm。 Effective size of transmission window of white light source: 238mm × 198mm;
2. Wavelength of ultraviolet light source: Reflection: 254nm, 365nm;
3. Power of UV lamp: the power of UV lamp with wavelength of 365 nm is 28 W; The UV lamp with 254nm wavelength has 28w power;
4. Transmittance of UV glass: not less than 40% for the wavelength of 230nm ~ 400nm;
5. The window irradiance of ultraviolet light source of each wavelength should not be less than 10 μ W/cm2;
6. Power supply condition: power supply voltage: single phase sinusoidal AC 220 v ± 22V; Frequency: 50 Hz ± 1Hz;
7. Overall dimension (L) × W × H)490 × three hundred and sixty × 430(mm);
Daily maintenance methods
1. The instrument should be placed in a cool, dry place without dust, acid, alkali and steam, and the operating environment should be clean. If not used for a long time, pull out the power plug and cover the protective cover;
2. Do not splash water and liquid on the instrument;
3. If the glass on the lamp box is dirty, it can be cleaned with alcohol cotton ball.

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