No need to preheat, JP Micro Spectrophotometer guarantee "on call"

The new Micro Spectrophotometer does not need to "preheat", "on call". In today's life, many enterprises and enterprises are carrying out medical-related research or physical research, they all need products such as Micro Spectrophotometer. For the most part, they have been very popular in the market. It is selling well because there are so many relevant institutions in the market for such products, and it is also because China is now very focused on the technological development of biotechnology, and to a certain extent, the industry needs to constantly optimize the performance of instruments.
1. Unique design with good optical performance
(1) Spectral scanning is completed within 6 seconds.
(2) Advanced durable xenon lamp for stable, repeatable and sustainable measurement.
(3) Solid design and compact appearance without moving parts for layout.
2, one-button operation, simple and convenient
(1) Simple and intuitive operation from the terminal task.
(2) Step-by-step safety guidelines.
(3) Custom shortcut keys on the home screen.
It can automatically adjust the light path without stretching the sample, avoiding the problem of sample column collapse, and has a better function of nucleic acid and protein detection. A stable 0.5mm optical path is used as the upper limit to ensure high measurement accuracy and stability. It has expanded the application of protein nucleic acid detection, indicating the arrival of a new ultra - micro technology revolution.

No need to preheat, JP Micro Spectrophotometer guarantee