Micro Spectrophotometer breaks through the limitations of traditional testing

The Micro Spectrophotometer breaks through the limitation of traditional detection, and users only need 0.5μ L sample size to obtain highly accurate results and good repeatability. The fiber optic sample drawing design eliminates the use of traditional containers such as colorimetric cups or capillaries, which is easy to operate, saves consumables costs, and avoids cumbersome colorimetric cup cleaning for each measurement. The wide linear range reduces cumbersome sample dilution. The surface tension of the liquid causes the sample to be tested to form a liquid film of 1mm between the two optical fibers, so that the light path of the sample is fixed at 1mm. The light absorption value of the sample is measured and then automatically converted to the light absorption value at 25px light path.
Micro Spectrophotometer breaks through the limitations of traditional testing 1, protein or other surfactants only 0.5μ L-2ul (2uL); Nucleic acid, etc. 1uL. The small sample size required by the traditional spectrophotometer is 1-2mL, that is, 1000-2000ul; Even if there are instruments that can measure dozens of microliters, they require special disposable plastic consumables that can penetrate ultraviolet light. This is particularly important for DNA chip hybridization and collection of small sample sources.
2. The absorbance of the Micro Spectrophotometer can reach 75, which is 50 times of other spectrophotometers. The optical path of 0.2mm can be selected for measurement, corresponding to the double-stranded DNA sample, and the detection limit can reach 3700ng/uL.
3, the liquid is filled through the optical fiber download board, without the need for color cup. The optical fiber is made of quartz with strong corrosion resistance, and the 316L (00Cr17Ni14Mo2Ti) stainless steel used in the optical fiber housing (upper download board) has strong corrosion resistance, suitable for any biological sample. The surface of both the fiber and sheath is finely polished with no liquid attachment. Only one insertion of filter paper or experimental test paper can completely remove the residual droplets.
4, Micro Spectrophotometer super high speed full spectrum fine scanning, only 3-5 seconds, save time, and prolong the life of xenon lamp by 3 times.
5, small size, only 15cmx20cmx13cm.
6, light weight only 3kg.
7, it can be connected to the portable computer through USB interface, plug and play, no need to switch power supply, no need to preheat. 8, optional power module to meet the field analysis and detection.