Common maintenance knowledge

One, Tools and materials for troubleshooting of electrophoresis apparatus
Tools: multimeter, soldering iron, cross screwdriver, word screwdriver, flux,
Two, Solder, side pliers, or fan stop or make abnormal noise.
When replacing the fan, voltage and current cannot be adjusted:
Replace potentiometer.
Three, hold the fuse:
Replace the fuse.
Four, Hold the fuse continuously: Open the chassis,
(1) check the tubes D11-D14, D15-D18, D7 and D8
(2) Check R45 resistor next to 474 capacitance.
(3) check the mousse tube on the radiator, the above three kinds of inspection must be replaced.
Five, No output:
(1) Check whether the fuse is damaged.
(2) Open the chassis and check whether the plug between the output seat of the front panel and the mainboard is disconnected.
(3) Check whether the plug of the porcelain pot transformer is off or check whether each end of the group should be a path with a multimeter.