Operation and maintenance of Electrophoresis

Standard practice for electrophoresis apparatus
1. Objective To establish the standard operation procedure of electrophoresis apparatus, make it standardized and conform to the management requirements of GMP, and ensure that it can meet the requirements of normal production.
2. The scope is applicable to the operation of electrophoresis apparatus
3. responsible laboratory director, the position of instrument equipment operators, maintenance personnel
4. content
4.1 Connect the power cable and ensure that it is connected to the grounding power socket.
4.2 Connect the connecting wire of electrophoresis tank and electrophoresis apparatus according to the color, and load the electrophoresis sample.
4.3 After confirming that the power supply meets the requirements, turn on the power Switch
4.4 display the work of the set value for each repeated use of the same parameter, you can directly select Start after the output.
4.5 If you want to change its value can press the 【▲】 【▼】 key, each press to change a number; If you want to change quickly, you can press and hold the key without relaxing, then the value will change rapidly c ontinuously, and release when the desired value is reached.
4.6 If you want to view and set the voltage, current and timing time, press the [Select] key, and at this time, ← indicates corresponding Settings;
4.7 After the parameters are set, click start.
4.8 After finishing, arrange the power supply and the electrophoresis tank to the original position.