The usage and application of vortex mixer are introduced

With simple and reliable structure, small size, power consumption, low noise characteristics, widely used in biochemistry, genetic engineering, medical and other experiments.
1. The vortex mixer should be placed in a smooth place, preferably on a glass table. Press the instrument gently so that the rubber foot at the bottom of the instrument is attracted to the surface.
2. Insert the power plug into the 220V AC power supply, open the power switch, the motor will rotate. Hold the test tube or triangular flask on the sponge vibration surface and slightly apply pressure, the solution in the test tube will produce vortex, and the triangular flask is high and low blisters, to achieve the purpose of mixing. Note: the volume of the mixture in the container should not exceed 1/3 of the container volume.
3. If the motor does not rotate after the power switch is turned on, check whether the plug is in good contact and whether the fuse is burned (power off).
4. The instrument should be properly kept and placed in a dry, ventilated place with no corrosive gas. Do not let the liquid flow into the movement during use, so as not to damage the device.
Widely used in environmental monitoring, medical and health, petrochemical, food, metallurgy and other kinds of colleges and universities, scientific research and production enterprises, laboratories, laboratories for mixing and extraction; Used for oscillating culture of biological, biochemical, cell and strain samples. MXT vortex mixer is suitable for mixing small amounts of high and low viscosity samples in test tubes, centrifugal tubes, colorimetric tubes and small triangular bottles.

Vortex mixer