Fraction Collector Model SBS-160 (LCD display)

1. Product introduction
Fraction collector is one of the basic equipment for biochemistry experiments and biological drug production. It is used to automatically and quantitatively collect liquid droplets from the chromatography column, so as to achieve the purpose of packing different active groups into different tubes.

2.Fraction Collector Model SBS-100 (LCD display) Product characteristics:
Adopts the ABS material, the mold is formed once;
35° bevel control panel design, ergonomic, can be easily controlled without bending arduously;
LCD liquid crystal display mode, using a new microcomputer chip control;
Collecting plate digital label design, each tube is corresponding to 1 number, to ensure that the tube number;
Collection function: automatic collection, optional, collection tube change does not deviate, tube change positioning;
Timing function: Collection time, inverted and clockwise timing optional, free exchange with the specification of the test tube disc, without the need to place the number;
Parameter setting function: parameter setting, tube setting and final tube setting can be arbitrarily set;
KeeBio fluid stop valve, test tube disk resistance to organic solvents (optional);
External trigger function: special interface directly control the constant current pump matching use.

3. Technical parameters of Fraction Collector:
Product model SBS-160
Collection tube: 160 tubes
Capacity: 5 ml
Timed collection range: 1 second -199 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds, any choice
Drop collection range: 1 drop -9999 drops, optional
Display mode: Chinese LCD large blue film LCD display
Test-tube tray holder: round number marks the test-tube tray
Power outage data storage: 10 years
Continuous working time: more than 200 hours

Fraction Collector Model SBS-100 (LCD display)