Uses and scope of Ultraviolet Analyzer(UV analyzer)

The instrument is a device for providing ultraviolet light. It can be used for nucleic acid electrophoresis gel sample observation, photography and other aspects, with UV protective cover and camera lifting device.
Structure and characteristics
Ultraviolet Analyzer (UV Analyzer) is used in the darkroom. The instrument is equipped with three wavelengths of UV light source, transmission at 302nm, reflection at 254nm and 365nm. You can use one of these wavelengths alone or several wavelengths at the same time, depending on your needs. This product uses electronic ballast, the weight of the whole machine is light, the lamp starts to glow fast, no stroboscope.
1. The effective size of the window of transmittance UV light source: transmission window: 200mm×150mm, reflection window: 190mm×41mm;
2. UV light source wavelength: transmission: 302nm, reflection: 254nm, 365nm;
3. UV lamp power: UV lamp wavelength of 365nm, power of 28W; UV lamp with wavelength of 302nm and power of 8W; UV lamp with wavelength of 254nm and power of 28W;
4. Power supply conditions: Power supply voltage: single-phase sinusoidal AC 220V±22V; Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz;
5. Input power: no more than 220VA;
6. External size (L×W×H) 440 ×340 ×120 (mm);
Routine maintenance methods
1. The instrument should be placed in a cool, dry, dust-free, acid-free, vapor-free place.
2. If there is dirt on the purple glass and blackboard where the object is placed, use alcohol cotton ball to wipe it clean.

UV analyzer