How do I use and maintain the three-purpose Ultraviolet Analyzer(UV analyzer)

Method of use
1. The light emitted by the UV lamp tube of this machine filters visible light through the filter plate, thus providing strong 254nm and 365nm ultraviolet light for UV analysis.
2. Open the sample feeding door, send the sample into the darkbox, close the door, you can observe.
3. Connect the 220V power supply, press the switch to light the lamp, you can put the detection under the lamp for observation and analysis.
4. The Angle of the UV lamp can be adjusted. There is a black knob on the right side, which can be adjusted to allow the light source to illuminate any position in the darkbox.
5. If you need to take photos, put the digital camera on the camera port, adjust the aperture and focal length, then start taking photos (this configuration is not standard for some models).
How to maintain:
1. UV color filter can not rub with metal objects, can not be stressed, the surface should be kept dry and clean, after each use to clean with a clean gauze.
2. When using, the operator should aim the ultraviolet rays at the sample and avoid the human body's long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays.

UV analyzer