Three-use Ultraviolet Analyzer (UV Analyzer) applications

Tri-purpose Ultraviolet Analyzer (UV Analyzer) is used to test fluorescent substances in a variety of materials, including paper, aluminum foil, plastics, paint and coatings.
★ In scientific experiments it is used to detect many major substances such as proteins, nucleotides, etc
★ In the production and research, can be used to check the quality of alkaloids, vitamins and other fluorescent drugs, it is especially suitable for thin layer analysis, paper layer analysis spots and detection
★ In dye coating, rubber, petroleum and other chemical industries, the determination of various fluorescent materials, fluorescent indicators and additives, to identify different types of crude oil and rubber products
★ In textile chemical fiber can be used to determine different kinds of raw materials such as wool, silk artificial fiber, cotton synthetic fiber, and can check the quality of finished products
★ It can be used to check the quality of food additives (such as aflatoxin, etc.), spoiled vegetables, fruits, cocoa beans, chocolate, fat, honey, sugar, eggs, etc
★ In geology, archaeology and other departments can play a variety of mineral discovery, to judge the authenticity of cultural relics and fossils
★Ultraviolet Analyzer (UV Analyzer) can check fingermark determination and cipher writing in the police department

UV analyzer