Multifunctional Ultraviolet Analyzer (UV Analyzer) applications and features

Ultraviolet Analyzer (UV Analyzer) is a fully enclosed metal camera that eliminates the need to operate in a dark room, making it easy to use and easy to operate. The instrument can be mounted with a digital camera for easy shooting and photographing, and is suitable for DNA, RNA, and protein gels. Thin layer chromatography, etc. It is an indispensable analytical instrument for teaching and scientific research units such as molecular biology research and forensic identification. Product features:
The instrument has four backup light sources: 302nm, 254nm, 365nm and white light.
The instrument box is designed on both sides of the glue cutting window operating window and observation mouth, convenient for nucleic acid sample segmentation.
UV fluorescence plate conversion, directly put the fluorescence plate on the UV lamp can be. Convenient switch between ultraviolet and visible light, suitable for different experimental requirements.
Instrument fixed digital camera port, rack.
Built-in reflector device, make UV brightness more uniform, improve detection sensitivity.
Ultraviolet filter with special treatment, clear background, no lamp shadow.

UV analyzer