Micro Spectrophotometer features

Normal working conditions
Ambient temperature: 5C 35C
Relative humidity: ≤70%
Power supply: DC12V 4A
Basic performance and parameters

Type no. Nano-600
Sample weight 0.5ul2ul,Suggest 2ul
Optical path 0.2 mm or 1 mm
Light source/life Xenon flicker light/flicker number>
Detector type 2048 pixel linear silicon CCD array
Wavelength range 200800nm
Wavelength accuracy ±1 nm
Wavelength resolution ≤3nm(FWHM@Hg 253.7nm)
Absorbing light precision Absorbance value (1mm optical path)
Absorption accuracy ±1%(at 260nm, 7.332 absorbances)
Absorbance range 0.0490(260nm Wavelength, equivalent to 10mm optical path)
Test concentration range 2ng/ul dsDNA 4,500ng/ul dsDNA
detection time <8s
OD600 Absorbance range 0~4.000 Abs
Absorbance stability [0,3)≤0.3%, [3,4)≤2%
Absorbance repeatability [0,3)≤0.2%, [3,4)≤2%
Absorbance accuracy [0,2)≤0.005A,[2,3)≤1%,[3,4)≤2%
input voltage DC12V 4A
power 25W
boundary dimension 208×280×186 mm(W×D×H)
weight 3.6 kg