Micro Spectrophotometer

The working principle of Micro Spectrophotometer is an instrument for quantitative and qualitative analysis of substances by spectrophotometry. It is often used for the determination of nucleic acids, proteins and bacterial growth concentrations. Whether in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, material science, environmental science and other scientific research fields, or in chemical industry, medicine, environmental detection, metallurgy and other modern production and management departments, UV visible spectrophotometer has a wide range of important applications.
Micro Spectrophotometer is a precision optical instrument, which is carefully assembled and adjusted before leaving the factory. If the instrument can be properly maintained, not only the reliability and stability of the instrument can be guaranteed, but also the service life of the instrument can be extended. Fault analysis and treatment methods:

The serial number The fault phenomenon Cause analysis Processing method
1 The instrument cannot start The power is not connected Switch is bad Bad power adapter Check the power supply and replug the power supply A transfer switch Liaise with suppliers or manufacturers
2 Nucleic acid test results are inaccurate The liquid column didn't form Base pollution other Readd sample to ensure liquid column is formed Scrub the base with pure water several times. Liaise with suppliers or manufacturers
3 OD600 module failed Bad connection between data cable and motherboard Liaise with suppliers or manufacturers
4 Insufficient light intensity alarm Analysis module failure The optical fiber is broken Liaise with suppliers or manufacturers
5 Touch screen jump point The power supply is not grounded Provide effective ground power supply.
6 Communication timeout Analysis module communication no response Restart the instrument If you cannot solve the problem, please contact the supplier or manufacturer