Correct use of Vertical Series of Electrophoresis tank

How to use the vertical electrophoresis device correctly? And what should we pay attention to when we use it? The following will be by Shanghai Jiapeng technical personnel to detail the correct use of vertical electrophoresis device and matters needing attention, the specific content is as follows:
The correct use of vertical electrophoresis instrument:
1. Clean the parts. Thoroughly clean the parts before assembly.
2. Assemble the electrophoresis tank.
3. Glue. The separation glue is poured first, and then the concentrated glue is poured after solidification. Before glue filling, switch on the cooling water and clamp the two rubber pipes connected with the upper and lower liquid storage tank.
4. Add sample. Loosen the clamp and let the distilled water out of the tank. When the water runs out, clamp the clamp again. Take out the comb gently with both hands and suck the water out of the hole. Add buffer in the upper and lower tank, the liquid height should exceed the upper edge of the short glass plate of the upper tank. A certain amount of sample is taken with a syringe and added to the concave sample space.
5. Electrophoresis. The upper tank wire is connected with the negative pole of the electrophoresis apparatus, and the lower tank wire is connected with the positive pole of the electrophoresis apparatus.
6. Take out the glue board. After electrophoresis, screw the nut, take out the rubber frame, and peel the glass plate.
7. Turn off the power.