Peristaltic pump, constant flow pump and hose pump characteristics

1, clean and pollution-free: fluid only through and contact with the peristaltic pump hose.
2, high precision: constant current, reproducible accuracy up to 0.5%, flow can be accurately adjusted.
3, low shear force: it is an ideal tool for conveying shear sensitive and erosive fluid.
4, corrosion resistance: can transport all kinds of fluids, such as organic dissolved machine, corrosive liquid.
5, can be idling, dry operation: can also transport air or gas-liquid-solid three-phase mixed transmission.
6, with self-priming ability: can self-priming, without irrigation pump, without emptying.
7, with service stop valve function, no siphonage, no seals, stop valve and check valve function.
8, bi-directional conveying function: change the direction of the pump runner can achieve reverse pumping and suction function.
9, simple maintenance: just replace the peristaltic pump hose, no valve and seal replacement.
10, can tolerate higher temperature: peristaltic pump can continuously transport 80 degrees Celsius liquid.

Peristaltic pump