How to choose peristaltic pump, constant flow pump and hose pump

The complete peristaltic pump system consists of the following three parts:
Peristaltic pump head + peristaltic pump pipe + drive device
Step 1: determine the application requirements.
A, how much traffic is needed?
B, what chemical fluid needs to be pumped?
C, pumping requirements: such as viscosity, back pressure, shear, solid.
Step 2: choose pump type according to flow rate
A, plug and play complete set of pumps.
B, spare parts assembled to the equipment for use by themselves.
C, only the pump head is required.
Step 3: select pump head type and pump pipe
A, select pump head and pipe diameter according to flow rate and operation time.
B, choose pump head and pump pipe material according to chemical fluid.

Peristaltic pump