• The use of gel imaging analysis system and points for attention

    How to use the Micro Spectrophotometer and what are the considerations?

    Micro Spectrophotometer is a precision optical instrument, which is carefully assembled and debugged before leaving the factory. If the instrument can be properly maintained, it can not only guarantee the reliability and stability of the instrument,

  • Introduction to the principle of gel imaging analysis system CCD

    The main structure of the Micro Spectrophotometer

    Micro Spectrophotometer is a very important analytical instrument, no matter in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, materials science, environmental science and other scientific research fields, or in chemical industry, medicine, environmental detection, metallurgy and other modern production and management departments,Micro Spectrophotometer Spectrophotometer has a wide range of important applications

  • Matters needing attention during gel cutting operation of gel imaging system

    The spectral range of the Micro Spectrophotometer

    The visible light region with a wavelength range of 380~780 nm and the ultraviolet light region with a wavelength range of 200 ~ 380 nm are included. 

  • Introduction of classification, application and difference of ultraviolet analyzer

    Micro Spectrophotometer instrument application range

    Nucleic acid: The concentration and purity of a nucleic acid sample, including double stranded DNA, single stranded DNA, and RNA.
    Protein: ①A280 test protein sample concentration, including 1Abs = 1mg/mL, BSA, IgG, Lysozyme; 

  • UV analyzer

    Introduction to Ultraviolet Analyzer classification, applications and differences

    Ultraviolet Analyzers are divided into a number of families, There are three-use Ultraviolet Analyzer, Camera Ultraviolet Analyzer, Photographic Ultraviolet Analyzer, etc. Different Ultraviolet Analyzer (UV Analyzer) have different uses.