• ultraviolet analyzer

    Dark box ultraviolet analyzer

    The instrument provides white light and ultraviolet light. It is mainly used for protein electrophoresis observation and photography. With box lighting and camera lifting device.

  • Photographic ultraviolet analyzer

    Photographic ultraviolet analyzer

    The instrument is a device to provide ultraviolet radiation. It can be used for observation and photography of nucleic acid electrophoresis gel samples, with UV protective cover and camera lifting device.

  • Micro Spectrophotometer features

    Micro Spectrophotometer features

    1. Normal working conditions Ambient temperature: 5C 35C Relative humidity: ≤70% Power supply: DC12V 4A Basic performance and parameters

  • Micro Spectrophotometer software operation

    Micro Spectrophotometer software operation

    This chapter mainly introduces the software operation of Nano-600 ultra-micro nucleic acid protein analyzer.

  • How does Micro Spectrophotometer detect protein A280

    How does Micro Spectrophotometer detect protein A280

    Protein and nucleic acid are not the same, has the very strong diversity. Protein A280 function is used to detect pure proteins containing Trp, Tyr residues or Cys-Cys disulfide bonds, which are visible at 280nm.