• The use of gel imaging analysis system and points for attention

    Three-use Ultraviolet Analyzer works

    UV light of different wavelengths is used to observe and photograph DNA and RNA electrophoresis gel samples, detect protein, nucleotide, suitable for nucleic acid electrophoresis analysis, detection, PCR product detection, DNA fingerprint analysis, paper layer analysis or thin layer analysis, etc.

  • Introduction to the principle of gel imaging analysis system CCD

    Camera Ultraviolet Analyzer

    Application and scope of application
    The instrument is a device for providing both white and ultraviolet light exposure. Mainly used for protein electrophoresis observation and photography. With box lighting and camera lifting device.

  • Matters needing attention during gel cutting operation of gel imaging system

    Ultraviolet Analyzer routine maintenance methods

    1. The instrument should be placed in a cool, dry place without dust, acid, alkali and steam, and the operating environment of the instrument should be clean. Long time should not be unplug the power plug, and cover the protective cover;

  • Introduction of classification, application and difference of ultraviolet analyzer

    Uses and scope of Ultraviolet Analyzer(UV analyzer)

    The instrument is a device for providing ultraviolet light. It can be used for nucleic acid electrophoresis gel sample observation, photography and other aspects, with UV protective cover and camera lifting device. 

  • UV analyzer

    How do I use and maintain the three-purpose Ultraviolet Analyzer(UV analyzer)

    Method of use
    1. The light emitted by the UV lamp tube of this machine filters visible light through the filter plate, thus providing strong 254nm and 365nm ultraviolet light for UV analysis.